The AVI-8 collection of timepieces reinterprets the classic pilot watch sub-category into an entirely new expression of men's watches. Drawing inspiration and aesthetic roots from vintage and modern aircrafts in addition to the airmen aboard these machines. AVI-8 timepieces have become synonymous with a unique and compelling take in the men's fashion watch segment.

An elegant collection of timepieces to honour the iconic Hawker Hurricane fighter plane that is and will always be remembered with affection by the British


This collection nods to the feisty jet fighter that broke the world air speed record in 1953 and went on to become one of Britain’s most triumphant exports


Famously known as the “Jump Jet" for its vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, the Harrier is one of the most celebrated multi-role combat aircraft of the modern era. Each watch is instilled with this same spirit, and detail of this 20th century icon


The collection of timepieces captures the cutting edge stylish design and superior specification of Spitfires, one of the most famous aircrafts to have ever flown

P-51 Mustang

With the P-51 Mustang, one of the most iconic aircrafts of the USAF, AVI-8 continues an arc of historic Anglo-American military co-operation.


This collection embraces the true essence of the "Flyboy" moniker and honours the airmen who dedicated themselves both in and out of the cockpit drawn by a sense of duty