A National Hero

Perhaps no aircraft evokes so much, so quickly as the Spitfire. On it’s own, this tidy,
elegant fighter was a national hero and a pillar of the Royal Air Force. It’s cutting edge design and superior specification gave it a fighting edge in the air against enemy aircraft during World War 2. Throughout the chapters of the air effort, pilots of the RAF skillfully moved the ever-impressive Spitfire from one battle to another. Arguably no battle was more important than the Battle of Britain, where side by side Hurricanes and Spitfires equipped with Rolls Royce Merlin engines helped successfully defend the skies over Great Britain in what was to be a crucial and pivotal stand against the Nazi Luftwaffe. Agile, quick and creating beautiful slipstreams, the Spitfire has long been an almost artful bookmark in the history of the RAF

Unique take on a stylish timepiece

Inspired by the lines, form and design of the famed World War 2 era fighter, AVI-8 delivers a unique take on a stylish timepiece that draws from one of the most famous aircraft to have ever flown. AVI-8 has looked at both the obvious and subtle details of its design and fabrication, purposefully injecting them into this timepiece. Case is shaped to follow the elegantly elliptical form of the Spitfire while the dial jumps the cockpit to the wrist all whilst delivering a timepiece that is clearly and undeniably functional as an instrument of time.

Reliable , Sturdy and Wearable

Spitfire collection is complete as a reliably sturdy and wearable assortment of field watches with clear aviation design credentials.

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