One of the greatest

The P-51 Mustang, built by North American Aviation (NAA), was arguably one
of the greatest fighters of World War II. By 1943, the Mustang had been equipped with the famed Rolls Royce Merlin engine which could also be found in the Supermarine Spitfires and the Hawker
Hurricanes manufactured in Britain. In doing so, the resulting aircraft proved to be one of the most successful fighters to enter the war, serving in many different arenas of combat including Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

It’s long range, lethal weaponry and incredible speed with outstanding maneuverability enshrined it in the history of military aviation. The fact that the Mustang remained in service with various Air Forces around the world well into the 1980s is a testament to its superb abilities

In to the realm of American aviation

The collection carries the AVI-8 brand into the realm of the P-51 and suitably imbibes aesthetic cues from the lines, details and form of the Mustang. Consistent with AVI-8's vision to blend historic aesthetics with best of modern watch making materials , the timepieces in the collection have enough design elements to remind us of one of the most celebrated aircrafts of american history. The implementation of features such as aerodynamic profile of the case , cockpit inspired dial and sword shaped hands matching the altimeter indicators make these timepieces a no mere souvenir but a truly robust piece of aviation inspired watchmaking.

A blend of History and modern watchmaking techniques

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