Named in Honour of the Iconic British Fighter Plane

The Hurricane, produced by Hawker Aircraft Ltd for the Royal Air Force was a single seater fighter aircraft that featured in the air battles of World War 2.

Sometimes overshadowed by the Spitfire, it was nonetheless the Hawker Hurricane which could truly claim to be the most acclaimed, most successful, most reliable aircraft to deliver Allied Victory in the air during WW2.

The unsung hero of the Battle of Britain – that most crucial of air victories for the Allies, the Hawker Hurricane delivered more enemy kills than any other aircraft combined.

Collection Echoing design of its namesake

The collection is characterised by a simplicity that echoes the design of its namesake. Clean, bold lines surround the dial on which the colours and graphics celebrate the fighter plane’s simple but striking motif that identified the Hawker Hurricane. While some of the pieces are essentially classical in appearance, others are more sporty and playful in appearance – drawing on the iconic bull’s-eye design from the Hawker Hurricane for colour and adornment.

A Timepiece Suitable to every taste

The Hawker Hurricane Collection has a timepiece to suit every taste in colour and finish that captures the spirit of the iconic fighter plane through careful representation of the classic detailing.

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