A subtle tribute to the famed jet

The Hawker Hunter was a single seater jet propelled fighter developed by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. in the 1950s. With the close of World War 2, the Hawker aviation team developed an aircraft to meet the needs of the Royal Air Force and their allies. Entering service in July 1954, Hunter F.1 was the first high-speed jet aircraft equipped with radar and fully powered flight controls. A prototype of the Hunter, flown by Neville Duke – broke the airspeed record in September 1953. To date, the Hunter remains an iconic benchmark of the Jet age in aircraft fighter technology.

A fusion of design and aviation history

Inspired by the 1950s cockpit gauges and readouts in the Hawker Hunter, this modern collection highlights the advancement of flight technology. Stencilled cutaway detailing demonstrates technical proficiency, visibility and expertise in dial read-out and display. Longevity, grace and flight technology combined with a sleek appearance which was typified by round edges and smooth contours are the characteristics that define this distinctly British-designed aircraft and are the very principles that have inspired AVI-8 to design the Hawker Hunter Collection of watches.

Capturing the spirit of advancing technology

This collection beautifully captures the spirit of advancing technology and combines this with the quintessentially British design that characterized the round edged Hawker Hunter aircraft.

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