Young , brave and heroic

The colloquial term flyboy was and is often used to describe a pilot belonging to the air force.

Ever since the turn of military aviation in WWI – the term has stuck as a casual reference to describe young men, who if they were boys on the ground were definitely not boys in the air. Their heroism, swagger and bravado – especially in the hair-raising days of open cockpit combat have been immortalized in modern history.

A collection inspired by and for heroes

This irrepressible group with their undeniable charisma and sense of duty – inspire this range of casual timepieces. The military colors and influence in shape give credence and strength to this line of watches designed with panache and flair.

A collection of Timeless timepieces

The collection of timepieces leans on the heroic history yet remain utterly modern in performance and build.
No matter the personal taste be it vintage or modern, this is a truly unique collection of classic pilot watches for all seasons and conditions

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